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Fried Okra

The tastiest way to enjoy this iconic Louisiana crop

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King Cake

Brioche bread for Mardi Gras and beyond

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French Market

Historical French Quarter open air market

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You are All Invited to Contribute

The Southern Food and Beverage Musuem has embarked upon a new project: Nitty Grits: The International Culinary Dictionary. Someone has recently given us their life's project, an online database of over 65,000 unique entries, each defining, categorizing, and describing a food or dish that can be found in the world. We think this is an amazing resource that we could really make into something special, offering users the ability to search for any food they might be eating, wherever they are. Besides descriptions and basic ingredients, we want to eventually develop the ability to search with photos and speech as well. We hope to steadily add more information to make this the definitive International Culinary Dictionary. We want this dictionary to be available on computers, cell phones and other mobile devices. We will continue to run this Wikia page until the dicitionary is up and running, and we definitely want you to continue to contribute to this wiki so we can add that knowledge to the final product! If you are interested in supporting the dictionary, please visit IndieGoGo for our campaign .

This reference work is going to improve with time and your participation. It will continually be updated and the depth and breadth of coverage will be enhanced. We ask your indulgence and your patience as you find entries that are not complete or even inaccurate. Please edit them and make them better! Please return to the site often as we expect it to change often. If you are interested in becoming a regular volunteer editor of this wiki, please get in touch with us at

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About the Nitty Grits

The SoFAB Wiki, aka The Nitty Grits, is a new wiki sponsored by the Southern Food and Beverage Museum that we hope will eventually be the most comprehensive source of information about Southern food and drink. Please become part of this project and share your knowledge, interests and southern food recipes with everyone.