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Museum of the American Cocktail

The Museum of the American Cocktail is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 by Dale DeGroff and several of the foremost cocktail experts and writers on the subject of drink. This unique museum, the first of its kind, celebrates the rich history of the American cocktail and is dedicated to providing education in mixology. The exhibit tells the fascinating story of how the cocktail has influenced music, theater, art, film, and politics around the world during its two hundred year history. Designed by curator Ted “Dr. Cocktail” Haigh, the exhibit includes rare books, Prohibition-era literature and music, vintage cocktail shakers, glassware, tools, gadgets, memorabilia, and photographs from the outstanding collections of the founders. The Museum is also a great resource for beverage professionals; offering an informative and interactive website created by Robert Hess of and a program of mixology presentations in several different cities given by leading mixologists from around the world. The Museum founders and associate mixologists also participate in Tales of the Cocktail, the popular five day festival held in New Orleans each year.

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